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On August 3rd 2017, in Hanoi, VNAT organized the Tourism Promotion Conference in 2017. Attending and and directing the conference were  Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Mr. Huynh Vinh Ai; General Director of VNAT Mr.Nguyen Van Tuan; Deputy General Director of VNAT. Attending the conference were representatives from some central ministries and sectors; Representatives of the Department of Tourism, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Tourism Information Center of provinces and cities and representatives of enterprises operating in the field of tourism across the country.

Delivering the opening speech, Vice Minister Huynh Vinh Ai noted the achievements of Vietnam's tourism industry, 2016 welcomed more than 10 million international visitors and the first 7 months of 2017 welcomed over 7, 2 million international visitors. He also stressed that Vietnam's tourism industry is having favorable conditions after the Politburo issued Resolution No. 08-NQ / TW defining tourism development as a key economic sector.

  The immediate goal that the Government assigned Tourism sector to strive for is the growth of 30% in terms of international visitor in 2017. In order to achieve the objective of tourism industry, it is necessary to mobilize all resources and effectively implement the solutions to promote tourism and attract international tourists. 

Mr. Huynh Vinh Ai - Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism delivered the opening speech at the conference

At the meeting, the heads of the General Department of Tourism presented the report on "Enhancing the tourism promotion and attraction of international tourists."

In particular, there were some evaluation of the results achieved on the promotion and tourism over the past time, and at the same time some highlighting of the key tasks of tourism promotion in the coming time: focusing on the measures to promote international visitor growth: Improving the operation of tourism promotion programs in Vietnam, especially in the international tourist market; Strengthening destination management, diversifying and improving the quality of tourism services; Expanding international cooperation, Supporting aviation businesses in linking, expanding airline, and accessing new markets.

 Through the comments of delegates at the conference, leaders of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism highly appreciated the comments of the delegates, which presented many solutions to achieve the growth target assigned by the Government. The special solutions are strengthening public-private partnerships, mobilizing resources to promote Vietnam tourism, focusing on key markets such as: Northeast Asia, ASEAN, Western Europe, Russia, and North America, ...

Panorama of conference

Delivering the closing speech, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Mr. Huynh Vinh Ai noted the comments of localities and enterprises. The Vice Minister requested the VNAT to synthesize the comments from delegates at the conference to report to the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as an important basis for developing and implementing solutions in the promotion of tourism in Vietnam, striving to complete the goal of international visitor growth in 2017 and the upcoming years./.

By Le Chi