The tourist destinations that can't be ignored when visiting Hoa Binh

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Nature has given Hoa Binh many magnificent landscapes, valleys all year round  covered by cloud,  waterfalls quiet flowing day by day, mysterious caves... All the beauty of the nature here has attracted visitors.

Thung Nai

On hearing about Thung Nai, many people think this is an isolated place, but Thung Nai is a commune of Da River lake in Cao Phong district - Hoa Binh, located about 25 km away from the center of Hoa Binh city. Hoa Binh people share that:. The name Thung Nai was given as there were many deer living here. Pictures of golden deers in the sun in the afternoon on the slopes, reflected in the Da river became the name of this land.

 In Thung Nai, there are not many places to play, but has many beautiful scenery. When Hoa Binh Hydropower was completed, Da River water level covered the valleys up to the middle of the mountain to create beautiful islets. So someone said Thung Nai is like Ha Long Bay on land with many islands. In Thung Nai there is not only beautiful scenery but also many historical and cultural relics.

Thung Nai resembles HaLong Bay on land Image:


Your first destination may be the Thac Bo Temple. The temple is located in Bo hamlet, Vay Nua commune, Da Bac district, worshiping Mrs Dinh Thi Van who is Muong ethnic woman and a Dao ethnic woman. Legend has it that the two women helped the king Le Loi crossing the Bo waterfall to Muong Le, Son La to put down  a revolt. After their death, they “appeared” to support the local people cross the waterfall safely and blessed hundreds of people with good crops and favorable weather. Hence, local people created a temple to worship them. Around the temples are ethnic minority people selling Viet Nam traditional medicine, tree roots, dried bamboo shoots... Especially a traditional kind of herb named Xa den which is useful for liver is sold here. Only one-hour boat trip from the temple, there is Ngoi Hoa village, a Muong village. there is also another island named Qua, because it is the place where the crow stop by.

The green lake is amazingly beautiful

In the afternoon, from the top, the Da river was blocked by hydroelectric dam, the water rises over the valleys, and the high peaks were turned into small islands, jutting out of the blue lake. In the sunset scene is gradually far away, the surface of the lake turned into a mysterious purple. The rays of the sun reflect down the lake as a quiet mirror. Some boats make the scenery become more romantic and peaceful. At night, the moonlight illuminates the surface of the lake, creating a sparkling scene. Some boats leave the wharf, drop fishing rod, leisurely.

Tu Son Waterfall

 Tu Son waterfall is like “the first" of Muong village with majestic mountains, streams and poetic waterfall, with cool climate that anyone come here feels they are drifting in Da Lat or in the early morning of Sapa.

About 20 km from Hoa Binh City, Tu Son Waterfall Ecotourism Resort is located in Cu hamlet, Tu Son commune, Kim Boi district. The way up to waterfall, visitors can feel the rustic wild from the scenery to the lifestyle of ethnic people here. The people living here are mainly Muong people.

The poetic landscape of Tu Son waterfall Image:


As the name of waterfall suggests, nine waterfalls with nine different beauties along with rich, diverse terrain make it an enjoyable place to explore and have real resting moments. The first impression of coming here is the murmur sound like the sweet greetings of the  Âu Cơ love waterfall The white water in the cascade falls to the water of Lạc Long Quân Lake, next to a giant egg-shaped rock in the "hundreds of eggs hatch hundred children" legend, all make up the poetic scene like the love story forever. .

The stone steps and the path between wildflowers, green grass leads visitors to the next waterfall of streams. There is a gentle waterfall, winding between the grass and white stone slabs such as Trai Chieu waterfall, Ut Lot waterfall, Lieu lake ... giving you the feeling of peace, there are majestic waterfalls throwing white foam such as Truong Phu waterfall, Bac waterfall ..

Guests wishing to swim will be delighted to be immersed in the cool waters of the lakes at the foot of each waterfall. Spreading along the banks of the stream, there are always beautiful and clean little houses for visitors to rest. Having a lunch between nature and mountains will be an enjoyable experience, which cannot be easily refused.

This place attracts many visitors  Image:

In addition to the natural landscape, Tu Son waterfall area also has facilities to accommodate the needs of visitors such as houses on stilts, villas, play area for children, Swimming pool, hot water bath, luxury restaurant with many specialties of Muong ethnic made from local fresh produce such as forest shoots, stream fish, grilled chicken, buffalo meat ... At night, the dance of the Thai ethnic girls , the rhythm of Muong girls round the camp-fire will seduce visitors. Gulps of Can wine will melt away the cold of the mountains, only leaving warm and unforgettable aftertaste in each person.

Lung Van

Lung Van belongs to Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province, which is one of the four Muong ancient places in Hoa Binh, not only famous for its traditional features but also because of the very nice landscape here, cloudy all year round. Lung Van is located at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, covered with cloud all year round, surrounded by Trau Mountain, Po Mountain, Tien Mountain, also known as Thung May. Situated at the highest place in Muong Bi, Lung Van is known for “De dat De nuoc” legend of Muong people with the isolation to the rest of Muong Bi due to the traffic problem. Because of the fact, Lung Van’s beauty is preserved well, with the house on stilt shaped like tortoise. People there believe that the tortoise symbolizes the firmness and sustainability. The traditional costume of Muong ethnic women is also preserved.

Lung Van is covered with clouds all year round. Image:

Lung Van has a strange charm from the thin flying cloud  which is like teasing the traveler. The cool air due to the mountains surrounded by the clouds makes the cloud more illusory. Waking up in Lung Van in the morning, visitors will see the clouds surrounding the mountains and villages, and when the sun rises, the sun shines through the clouds to brighten the tree leaves, creating a magnificent beauty. All blended together to create a beautiful poetry painting between the mountains.

The simple beauty.  Image:


Especially in this place, the life of the people is like in a fairy tales when there are just over 400 roofs but dozens of great-grandfather and great-grandmother have lived through a century but still lucid, healthy. Perhaps in a remote place like this, the people live in peace, not accustomed to competition, and focus on studious work, therefore they have led full life to the end./.

By Le Chi