Survey on tourist products of Hoa Binh Lake

Lượt xem: 37 | Gửi lúc: 15:24' 21/11/2017

In 2 days from 27-28 / 10, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized a visit to survey on products and tourism brands for Hoa Binh Lake tourist area. Participants of the delegation are representatives of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ha Noi, and travel companies.

Famtrip team survey at the tourist village of Ke, Hien Luong commune (Da Bac)

The delegation came to observe the situation at the tourist sites including Community Tourist Village, caves, streams, tourist spots on the itinerary of districts: Da Bac, Mai Chau, Tan Lac, Cao Phong, Hoa Binh city. Some of the points are being exploited quite effectively such as: Ban Tru hamlet, Thai Thinh commune (Hoa Binh city); Ke hamlet, Hien Luong commune; Da Bia hamlet, Tien Phong commune (Da Bac); Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac); Suoi Lon village, Tan Mai commune (Mai Chau) and falls, islands on lake such as: lake on the mountain, double waterfall Trach, coconut island, island windmill... Through the survey, the travel companies assess the great tourism potential of the lake such as:. Clean water surface, beautiful natural mountains creating a charming landscape; friendly attitude of local people, some points have trained professional team on tourism to create good tourist environment; good and clean food. The surface of Hoa Binh lake is very wide, but transportation facilities are limited in capacity and quality; tourist spots are not connected yet, not creating long journeys to attract visitors. In terms of tourism products, the food in the reservoir area mainly consists of fish, hills chicken, Pig, bamboo shoots ... all are clean and delicious products, however, the way of processing , the presentation is not attractive and not planned according to the subdivision of food, so the products in the areas are still identical. Some other items such as brocade, rattan products, fine art items have not been put into professional  business.

At the end of the trip, representatives of tour operators confirmed with attractive tourist potential on Hoa Binh lake, the travel company will promote, introduce, connect to build tours to the delegation to visit, to relax, discover and experience the unique culture of ethnic people here as well as the majestic beauty of nature Hoa Binh lake./.