Strengthening the promotion of Vietnam tourism on the Internet

Lượt xem: 111 | Gửi lúc: 15:46' 24/07/2017

Celebrating the establishment of Vietnam's tourism industry (9/7), Tourism Information Center, VNAT officially launched the new website and the site "Tourist Destination" in English.

This new interface is expected to contribute to improving the efficiency of Vietnam's online travel advertising on the internet, creating novel, modern features and interfaces, follow visitor-centered approach to provide the information to tourists.

The interface "Tourist Destination" in English language is designed in modern and friendly style

Accordingly, with two versions on the computer and on mobile devices, the website provides information, images of destinations, typical tourist attractions divided into 7 tourist areas and 5 types of tourism typical of Vietnam.

In addition, this site regularly updates news, travel events, necessary information, traditional festivals, highlighted events in the year and the list of hotels, travel companies , tours, as well as world heritages in Vietnam ...

With a nice interface, diverse content and images together with new search tools and features, the website makes it easier for viewers to find information about attractive destinations in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam, thereby providing viewers with an overview of Vietnam's tourism.

Launched in December 1997, website of VNAT has offered diverse content, introducing Vietnamese culture, country, people, tours, routes, destinations and much news, typical tourism activities throughout the country. Up to now, the website has provided visitors with 7 languages including Vietnamese, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

Upgrading, changing the interface of the travel site (English) of the website is a practical act towards the 20th anniversary of the website, contributing to promoting the image of Vietnam tourism to the tourism guests and international friends.

On July 5, the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) in cooperation with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and E-commerce Department organized the first "online travel day" in Ho Chi Minh City.

 The event is organized to attract the attention of agencies, organizations and businesses to online tourism; promote the link between tourism enterprises and enterprises in the field of information technology,  online marketing, online payment, and insurance./.

By Le Chi