Serena Resort Kim Boi - The most luxurious eco resort in Hoa Binh province

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Located in Khai Doi hamlet, Sao Bay commune, Kim Boi district, about 80 km from Hanoi capital, only 2 hour- drive. Visitors will be at Serena Resort Kim Boi - the first 4 star resort in Hoa Binh province. You will be immersed in the natural scenery and enjoy traditional and typical foods of  Muong ethnic minorities.

Overview of Serena Resort Kim Boi

With a scale of 30 hectares, the total investment for the first phase is 215 billion VND, the second phase will be implemented in 2018 with the investment value of over 70 billion VND. Serena Resort will build 60 special guest rooms, equipped with health care facilities, meeting the need of long stay for the elder.

Serena Resort Kim Boi is designed in a rustic village style. Natural materials such as thatched roofs, wood, stone and bamboo bring the rustic and simple beauty. The "Hat" restaurant space is designed with meticulous, unique traditional culture of the ethnic group and is also the highlight of the architecture here.

The "Hat" restaurant

 Serena Resort is widely known for the hot mineral in Kim Boi. The entire indoor and outdoor swimming pool is directly taken from the hot mineral source in the ground with constant temperature all year round of 430C. Onsen bathing ponds are inspired by Japanese style. The natural mineral water source at Serena Resort Kim Boi is regarded as a valuable source of water with many kinds of materials with therapeutic values. With that typical feature, Serena resort offers many forms of bathing for tourists, such as Japanese-style Onsen bathing combining saunas and hot mineral pools. In particular, the most attractive highlight of Serena Resort Kim Boi is the natural mineral water that is taken out to the swimming pools.

Japanese-style Onsen bathing viewed from above

Onsen bathing area

Outdoor swimming pool accommodates 300 people

The rooms here are arranged  reasonably, making a difference to meet the diverse requirements of domestic and foreign customers from family weekend vacation, conference, meeting, and so on. Following are some pictures of the rooms and interior of the resort:


Serena Resort is a combination of luxury resort services and therapeutic mineral bathing, promising to bring a memorable experience for visitors to Kim Boi./.

 Serena Resort Kim Boi

Address: Khai Doi hamlet, Sao Bay commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province

Telephone: 01286 256 666

Fax: 02186 256 666



By Le Chi