Hoa Binh has a resort to follow Japanese meditation style

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112 villas of Kai Resort with lake view and separately designed on each hilltop, ensuring private space.

Kai Resort is a mountain village with unique Japanese architecture

Meditation is the dominant position in Japanese cultural life from drinking tea, arranging flowers, painting, to architecture ... Many buildings are also inspired by this unique style. Inspired by the meditation style, Zen Group builds the Kai Resort project with the impressive architectural tendency of the sunrise country in Ky Son District, Hoa Binh province. The architecture of the project is an ancient Japanese village along a large lake, intermingled with the greenery of the trees and natural forests.

Garden spaces in typical Japanese style

Located right on Highway 6, toward Hanoi - Hoa Binh, Kai Resort has a total area of 10 hectares, including 112 villas with lake view, and mountain back. The villas are designed separately, independent on each hilltop, providing privacy for each villa. The interior of the home is complemented by natural materials: wood, paper ... bringing an old yet modern feeling.

Partition of rooms are Shōji style, the hallmark of Japanese houses at Kai Resort

With open spaces close to the surrounding nature, such as meditation and yoga areas on pine hill, cherry orchards, koi fish ponds and Japanese gardens, Kai Resort offers peace and tranquility for the users.  In-house facilities include a classy golf course, Japanese restaurant, Japanese-style spa, meeting room, tea room, ancient marina, swimming pool ... serving almost all the entertainment needs of the whole family.

In addition, Kai Resort has signed a contract to use water filter technology for swimming pool LifeOX - M modern technology of Germany with the combination of ozone and UV rays, filtered water will not smell like normal water.

Kai Resort is a devoted product of TVI Group - a developer and distributer reputable real estate , and Zen Group - a well-known corporation with the role of building and managing resorts such as Zen Resort, Bella Resort, Sunset Villas & Resort ...

By Le Chi