Boosting the development of industrial parks and industrial clusters in the province

Lượt xem: 50 | Gửi lúc: 10:55' 04/10/2017

To implement the Resolution No. 09-NQ / TU dated 26/5/2014 of the Executive Committee of the Party of the 15th tenure of accelerating the development of industrial parks and industrial clusters in Hoa Binh province in the period of 2014-2020. The awareness of officials, party members and people on the policy, role and importance for the cause of industrial development has been raised. The leadership and direction have been strengthened, thus promoting the development of industrial zones and clusters; To invest in developing infrastructure in industrial parks and clusters of the province.

Up to now, the technical infrastructure of Luong Son industrial zone and the left bank of Da river has been basically invested.  The industrial zones have attracted 24 investment projects, including 07 foreign direct investment projects and 17 domestic investment projects with total registered capital of 58.6 million USD and 2,038.82 billion VND. The industrial cluster attracted 08 projects with a total registered capital of 1,155.4 billion VND. The province's industrial parks have 70 investment projects, of which 44 are operating in production and business; Industrial clusters have 12 investment projects, of which 08 are running.

Currently, there are 69.77 ha of clean land to attract investment: Luong Son 10 ha, left bank Da River 21.27 ha, Mong Hoa 2.2 ha, Lac Thinh 36.3 ha.

The province regularly conducts analysis, monitoring and environmental monitoring of projects in order to promptly handle and remedy environmental incidents in industrial parks and clusters; intensify the inspection and examination of the observance of the environmental protection law by industrial parks and clusters. To invest in the construction of 02 concentrated waste water treatment stations: 01 station in left bank of Da River industrial park and 01 station in Phu Thanh II industrial cluster; completed the adjustment of planning for development of industrial parks and concentrated wastewater treatment systems in industrial zones of Hoa Binh province up to 2020.

The province has established the Hoa Binh Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center; To formulate and promulgate a list of projects attracting investment; To formulate the annual investment promotion program in the spirit of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 03/2014 / QD-TTg dated January 14, 2014; Action Program to implement Resolution No. 19-NQ / CP dated 28/4/2016 of the Government on major tasks and solutions to improve business environment, improve competitiveness and Resolution No. 35-NQ / CP dated 16/5/2016 of the Government on supporting and developing enterprises. The Provincial People's Committee has signed a commitment with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) to support the development of enterprises by 2020./.

By Le Chi